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Are you the cruising type? Take our quiz and find out!
Answer ten (10) easy questions and we'll help you identify your cruising personality!

Let's play !

Question 1

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect cruise...

A. Hmm. I start cruising in the Aegean and then continue to the Caribbean and Cuba...I know I have a wild imagination!!!

B. I'm on a Greek enogastronomy themed cruise, sunbathing by the pool. I'm getting a massage and being fed grapes with feta cheese. This is not a cruise, it's heaven!

C. I'm cruising and boozing and salsa dancing and… οk, I'll open my eyes now, I'm getting all excited!

Question 2

You booked your quick getaway and you're ready to cruise! What do you pack?

A. My partners in crime – sunglasses for the Disco Nights, my maracas for Rumba dancing and aspirin... lots of aspirin.

B. My Greek dictionary and plenty of sun-tan lotion. How do you say “I'd like my tan extra crispy” in Greek?

C. You mean, what do I NOT pack!

Question 3

Hot-spots vs hidden gems of the Aegean. What's your cruising preference?

A. Not that I have anything to hide but I'd rather keep my answer secret.

B. My favorite drink is the Cosmopolitan. Need I say more?

C. This sounds more like a dilemma. Sorry but I'd have to choose both.

Question 4

Carlos, the hot Cuban dance instructor is about to start the class...

A. Damn, this guy is goooood! I wonder if he can drink as well as he can dance?

B. I'm sorry Carlos but I'll pass. I don't want to make my sunbed jealous ;)

C. I execute a flawless Macarena dance routine and then move on to the Singing Talent Contest that starts in 30 minutes! Let's keep moving people!

Question 5

All this cruising has opened your appetite. May I take your order?

A. I tried the buffet a couple hours ago but I left a little room so I could try the Traditional Greek Feast on the deck. It' not polite to refuse food. Waiter...soda please!

B. I heard the cabbage & carrot salad is yummy… plus, you can get a great tan from eating carrots. Here, google it!

C. I'll have a Mojito with extra mint please. What? I'm a vegan!!!

Question 6

Greek night. The bouzouki is on fire and the crowd is Zorba dancing...

A. I have no idea why these Greeks are breaking plates but I love it. Wait! I'm not finished with my food!

B. Bouzoukiwhat? It's all Greek to me… hang on, I love this song! OPA!

C. I knew I should have taken those Greek dancing lessons back home. What? They have lessons on board?

Question 7

We know you're having a great time onboard but there's lots to do ashore as well.

A. I guess some sight seeing wouldn't hurt. I could definitely burn some extra calories with all that walking!

B. Can't wait to see all these monuments…right after we hit the bars!

C. Tell me about it… Can I clone myself?

Question 8

It's early evening and you have another hour to spend on the island of Santorini. What do you do?

A. Sunset photos – check! Exploring the cobbled streets – check! Buying souvenirs – check! Conversation with the crazy Greek bus driver – check. Neeext!

B. I know it's early, but is there any chance the clubs are open?

C. I relax and watch the sunset while sipping a chilled glass of Masticha from Chios…by the pool. On the cruise ship;)

Question 9

Ready for your Cuban excursion. Sea, mountain or sight seeing?

A. I'm really interested in Cuban culture. Tropicana Cabaret, here I come!

B. Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, palm trees, here I come!

C. I trek the tropical mountains, continue with swimming and run back to Havana for some culture. The triathlon world record is mine!

Question 10

On behalf of your captain and the crew, we'd like to thank you and hope you enjoyed your cruise.

A. Captain, crew, fellow co cruisers, crazy Greek bus driver, and everybody involved in this amazing adventure... it has been a pleasure!

B. Dear "all-inclusive drink package", you will be missed!

C. I wonder if anyone will mind if I take this sunbed with me...

Your cruisinality type is...

Snooze n' Cruise

There's nothing wrong with relaxing and you know it! Nothing beats a good read by the pool or wining & dining under the stars. Your cabin is your natural habitat and there's nothing that can distract you from your comfort zone, except a good meal of course! Our “Stories of Greek Enogastronomy” themed cruises are perfect for your cruising tastes... feeling hungry?

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Booze n' Cruise

Whether its doing the Travolta dance routine on disco night, leading the way to Zorba dancing or smashing plates you are a 100% party animal. Mingling with the crowd comes naturally to you and you embrace genuine Greek spirit and passion for life. Our “Stories of Greek Summer Festival” themed cruise and our “all inclusive drink package” were invented for people just like you.

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Stories of Greek Summer Festival, Cuba Cruise & 3,4,7 day Idyllic Cruise by Celestyal Cruises

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Are you the cruising type? Take our quiz and find out!
Answer nine (9) easy questions and we'll help you identify your cruising personality!
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